Training Guide for Online Booking Tool: SAP Concur


This is the guide for our new travel program online booking tool. It is designed to assist end users navigate the platform and answer any questions end users might have.

Updating Your Concur Travel Profile

From your Travel profile you can update information such as your personal and company information, and credit card information. You can update your Travel Settings, including travel preferences for upcoming trips, and add an assistant to help you book your travel.

  1. To access your Travel profile, from the Concur home page, click Profile, and then click Profile Settings.

You will find the most common profile tasks on the Profile Options page. You can also use the menus on the left to select a setting to update.

  1. Use the following sections to start updating your Travel profile:
  • Your Information - Review and update your personal information, contact information, and emergency contacts. Verify your Email addresses, and add or update credit cards that are available to use for purchases.
  • Travel Settings - Add your travel preferences, and frequent-traveler program information. Add assistants or arrangers that can book travel for you.
  • Other Settings - Activate E-receipts, configure system settings, change your password, and register your mobile devices
  1. In this example, you will verify your personal information. Click Personal Information.

  2. In the My Profile – Personal Information section, make sure that the first, middle, and last names shown are identical to those on the photo identification that you will be presenting at the airport. If it is incorrect, contact your Concur Site Admin if it needs to be updated.

  3. Scroll down and verify your Work and Home Address, and your Contact Information (required fields are labeled in red).

  4. In the Email Addresses section, verify your email addresses. Click Add an email address to add any additional email addresses that you will need to use. Complete the Emergency Contact fields, as needed.

  5. Continue scrolling down to the Travel Preferences section. Select your discount travel rates/fare classes, and specify your Air, Hotel, and Car Rental Preferences. Under Frequent-Traveler Program, click Add a Program to add your frequent flyer programs.

  6. In the TSA Secure Flight section, verify the required Gender and Date of Birth Complete the DHS RedressNo. and TSA Precheck Known Traveler Number fields, as needed.

  7. In the International Travel Passports and Visas section, add your passport or international visa information.

Adding your information in the section can make international travel a little easier.

  1. In the Assistants and Travel Arrangers section, click Add an Assistant to assign someone to book travel for you, or to assign them as your primary assistant for travel.

You can search for and select the individual(s) within your organization that you would like to give permission to perform travel functions for you. Note that an assistant must be an existing Travel user. You cannot designate primary assistants for travel to Individuals or Groups without a work phone number in their profile.

  1. From the Credit Cards section, click Add a Credit Card to add or update your credit card information that you use to book travel.

Note that you are required to have a credit card saved in your profile before you can book with Concur Travel. You can designate this card as your default for plane tickets, rail tickets, car rentals, and hotel reservations.

  1. After you have completed your Travel Profile updates, click Save.


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