Emerson Travel Program - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access The Online-Booking Tool (Concur)?

For access to the online booking tool, you will need to send a request to purchasing@emerson.edu.

If you are already a registered user, you can access the online-booking tool here: www.concursolutions.com

How Do I Get Training On The SAP Concur Booking Tool?

Please contact purchasing@emerson.edu for training.
Please see video tutorials below to get started and job aids linked to this page.

How Do I Contact Emerson College’s Travel Provider: The Travel Collaborative (TTC)?

For SAP Concur, we now have a team of 4 Agents managing Emerson Concur and they can be contacted via email at concur@travelcoll.com or by calling 617-497-8125Our Operations Manager, Samantha Radogna is running point on this team.  

In addition, for technical assistance using the SAP Concur tool, Emerson travelers can reach our Product Integration Team via email at productintegration@globaltravelcollection.com or by calling 516-465-1088. 

This information has now been updated on the Emerson Concur homepage.


Do I Need To Complete The Traveler Profile Form In Advance?

No, but you will need to fill out a profile through SAP Concur—the online-booking tool. This will save you time in booking process. 

How Do I Register For TripCase?

The Travel Collaborative uses TripCase for itinerary and e-invoice delivery, in-process travel notifications, airline alerts and location services (gate changes, cancelled flights, etc.). TripCase is linked live to TTC’s reservation system, as well as the airlines on all booked itineraries.

The registration process is quick, easy and complimentary. Simply install the TripCase app on your mobile device. Use the same Emerson email address as your SAP Concur Travel log-in. This will allow the two systems to sync all travel, as well as provide real time notifications. In the TripCase setting, you’ll have the ability to set their individual notification preferences, as well as add additional contact emails or phone numbers.

Will TTC Book All Of My Travel Arrangements?

Yes, but you have options.  You can do everything through the online-booking tool or you can call your agent can book air, hotel, car and train reservations into one reservation.

What If I Need To Make Changes To My Travel Arrangements?

Contact your dedicated TTC agent when changes become necessary. They will in turn advise you of alternative arrangements and any costs that might be involved.

Will Travel Updates And Alerts Be Sent To My Smartphone?

Once you have registered with TripCase (see above), you can receive alerts to your smartphone.

What If I Need Assistance After-Hours?

TTC has a 24-Hour emergency service provided by ETS (Emergency Travel Services) outside of its usual office hours (9am-6pm, EST). However, please try reaching one of your dedicated agents first before calling ETS as there are fees associated with each call. The phone number will be included on every Emerson traveler’s itinerary.

I Have Elite Status With Another Airline.  Do I Have To Travel With An Emerson-Contracted Carrier?

Emerson travel policy requires the traveler to fly on the lowest logical airfare – most of the time, that will mean traveling with an Emerson contracted airline.  However, our contracted partners realize the importance of loyalty and in certain circumstances we can match elite status.  Contact Procurement for more information purchasing@emerson.edu

Other Important Notes

Before booking travel – please make sure that we have your SAP Concur Travel Account Name, First Name and Last Name, spelled correctly.  If there are any errors, please contact the Procurement, so that we can correct any potential name issues.

 Bookings are to be paid with Emerson College Procurement Cards ONLY!

In order to book discounted Boston/New York/Washington DC shuttle flights, you will need to select REFUNDABLE ONLY AIR FARES when search flight options:

Shuttle fares are available on American Airlines and JetBlue:
American Airlines           Boston, LaGuardia and DC National
JetBlue                            Boston, LaGuardia, JFK, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC National and Dulles

SAP Concur booked travel incur transaction fees for all booked trips.  Fees are noted on the front page of SAP Concur under Company Notes.


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