Announcement to Cardholders-Wells Fargo PCard Program Transitioning to PNC

As you may have heard, the College is consolidating several banking services with PNC Bank. One task associated with this change is the sunsetting of the current Wells Fargo Visa PCards and replacing them with Visa PCards from PNC Bank. 

What changes have been made? 
Cardholders will be given a new PNC PCard with Emerson branding, account number, expiration date, and security code. Single transaction limits and monthly limits are NOT changing. 

Are there any changes to the reconciliation process in Workday?
No. The process to reconcile PCard transactions in Workday is not changing. You will still receive the same notifications and will still be required to adhere to the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures.  

When will the Wells Fargo cards be replaced? 
We will replace cards according to the following schedule:

  • Cards expiring in January 2024 will be replaced in October 2023
  • Cards expiring in January 2025 will be replaced in November 2023
  • Cards expiring in January 2026 or 2027 will be replaced in December 2023

Where do I find my Wells Fargo PCard Expiration date?
The card expiration date (“Good Thru”) is located on the front of the PCard just above your name.

When do I get my replacement PNC PCard? 
PCards will be available for pick up on selected days each month.You must come in person to pick up your PCard. You cannot delegate this task because you will be required to sign a new cardholder agreement before we give you your new PCard. You must bring your Wells Fargo PCard and your Emerson ID with you. We will collect your Wells Fargo PCcard and give you your new PNC PCard with instructions on how to activate the new card. 

Wells Fargo PCards expiring in January 2024
Wednesday October 18 10AM to 3PM
Thursday October 19 10AM to 2PM
Tuesday October 24 10AM to 2PM
Wednesday October 25  10AM to 2PM
Thursday October 26 10AM to 2PM

Wells Fargo PCards expiring in January 2025
Tuesday November 7    10AM to 2PM
Wednesday November 8 10AM to 2PM
Thursday November 9 10AM to 2PM
Tuesday November 14 10AM to 12PM
Wednesday November 15  10AM to 2PM
Thursday November 16 10AM to 2PM

Friday November 17 10AM to 2PM

Tuesday November 21 10AM to 2PM

Tuesday November 28 10AM to 2PM

Wells Fargo PCards expiring in January 2026 and January 27
Tuesday December 5    10AM to 2PM
Wednesday December 6 10AM to 2PM
Thursday December 7 10AM to 2PM

Friday December 8 10AM to 2PM
Tuesday December 12 10AM to 2PM
Wednesday December 13  10AM to 2PM
Thursday December 14 10AM to 4PM

Wednesday December 20 10AM to 2PM

Thursday December 21 10AM to 2PM

Where do I go to get my replacement PNC PCard? 
Please enter the State Transportation Building (STB) via the Boylston Place Alley and enter the first office on your left as you walk into the STB. Signs will be posted as well. Representatives from the Procurement Office will be there according to the above schedule.


What if I can't go in person? 
Unless you are out of state or on the Los Angeles or Netherlands campus you are being asked to come in person. Otherwise, you will need to make special arrangements before December 22nd with Procurement as all cards will be turned off by that date.  

Will I need to do anything special? 
Yes. You will need to activate your PNC PCard upon receipt. You will also need to update card information wherever automatic/recurring payments have been set up (Uber, etc.).

When will my Wells Fargo PCard cease to be active? 
Your Wells Fargo PCard will be turned off seven days after you pick up your new PNC PCard, This will allow you sufficient time to update your card information wherever automatic payments have been set up. All Wells Fargo PCards will be turned off by December 22, 2023, allowing for reconciliation of any outstanding charges that were made using the Wells Fargo PCard by January 31, 2024.  

Will I be able to distinguish between Wells Fargo and PNC PCard transactions during the transition period? 
Yes. The ‘Credit Card Billing Account” is displayed when you start the “Create Expense Report” process. In this example, the Wells Fargo PCard was used:  

In this example, the PNC PCard was used:



Who do I contact with questions?
Please email 
Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

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