New Workday Department Financials Dashboard

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We are excited to announce a revised and enhanced Workday Department Financials Dashboard.  This single new dashboard will replace what is currently three separate Workday dashboards.  The new dashboard provides a one stop shop for all of your financial reporting needs, by bringing together the FINxxx Budget and Actuals reports, Procurement dashboard and Expense Management dashboard all under this single dashboard.

Old dashboards, three (3) separate dashboards

New Department Financial Dashboard



Utilizing new Workday functionality we are now able to create multiple dashboard tabs within one dashboard.  The new Department Financials Dashboard contains six (6) dashboard tabs:

  • My Dashboard - A user configurable dashboard where you can add your favorite reports for easy access.
  • Budget to Actuals - This is where you will find your FINxxx Budget to Actual reports.  This is also user configurable to fit your needs.
  • Expenses - This is where you will find your Expense Management dashboard used to track expense reports by Payee, Expense Items and Non-Workers.  This is also user configurable to fit your needs.
  • Procurement - This is where you will find your Procurement dashboard used to look for Requisitions, POs, Invoices or Supplier related reports. This is also user configurable to fit your needs.
  • Report Listing - This is where you will find a complete listing of Financial Reports along with report descriptions that you have access to.  You can use this list to configure the various dashboard tabs to fit your reporting needs.
  • Job Aids & Training - Here you will find links to our most frequently used job aids & training resources found on our Finance and HR website.  


Navigating to the Dashboard

You'll find the "Department Financials Dashboard" by either navigating to the (1) Menu or (2) View All Apps from the Workday homepage.  From here look for the "Department Financials Dashboard".



Configuring the Dashboard

The first dashboard tab is called "My Dashboard", this will start off as a blank screen with no reports.  However, you can add any reports you would like by clicking the gear icon (screenshot below).


This will bring up the "Configure Worklets" screen where you can add or remove reports to each of the four dashboard tabs.  As an example:  To add a report to the "My Dashboard" tab

  1. Select the "My Dashboard" tab
  2. Click the + icon to add a row
  3. Start typing the name of the report you want to add or search the list of available reports
  4. Click "OK" to save the configured worklets
  5. Click "DONE" to save Configure My Worklet Landing Pages




Please keep in mind the following when adding or removing reports:

  • You can add or remove reports to any of the following four dashboard tabs
    • My Dashboard
    • Budget to Actual
    • Expenses
    • Procurement
  • You CANNOT edit the "Report Listing" or "Job Aids & Training" dashboard tabs
  • Review the list of reports found on the "Report Listing" tab before updating your dashboard tabs.  The "Report Listing" is a list of all reports you have access to and that are available to add to your dashboard tabs. NOTE:  You can run reports from the "Report Listing" tab by clicking on the report name. 

Access and Security

This dashboard is available for those in the following security groups

  • FIN Cost Center Approvers
  • Cost Center Financial Analyst
  • Cost Center Financial Analyst with Payroll
  • Gift Financial Analyst
  • Grant Financial Analyst
  • Project Financial Analyst
  • HCM Cost Center Approver

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Recording of Zoom meeting February 10, 2023

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