Workday Fiscal Year Trending Reports - FIN032 and FIN033

In collaboration with the Budget Office, we would like to announce two new Workday Financial Reports that are now available to help with your financial analysis and planning, they are:

  • FIN032- Fiscal Year Trending by Spend Category
  • FIN033 - Fiscal Year Trending by Revenue Category

These new reports show budget and actuals for the current fiscal year and include four (4) years of prior year actuals to be used for trending.  These reports can be run by any Worktag, Cost Center, Project, Gift, Grant, or College Designated

Notes / Comments:
Like other FINxxx reports, these will default to the current period year-to-date (YTD).  Please Note: FY Actuals are relative to period selected, example:  Select Period - 03 - Sept, FY Actuals will be relative to the Period 03 - Sept.  If you want End of Year Actuals, select Period 12 - Jun.

For more information on these reports please refer to the following video job aid:

Any questions, concerns, feedback or suggestions regarding these new reports please email
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