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Petty Cash Establishment, Replenishment, and Audit Process

  1. Fill out a Petty Cash Establishment Form and submit to accounting@emerson.edu for processing (See "Establishment" tab in the Petty Cash Forms).
  2. After submission, the Controller's Office will review the request. When approved, the signed approved form will be sent to the custodian initiating the request and will be processed by Finance in Workday as an Ad Hoc Payment.
  3. When the check is ready, the initiator will be notified that the check is available for pickup at cashier's hours (10-12 on Tuesdays in Ansin 408). The check will be made out to the custodian of the petty cash account.
  4. The custodian should cash the check and store the funds in their secure, locked box.
  5. Monthly, the custodian should reconcile the account (reconciliation and audit forms have been included in Petty Cash Forms). This reconciliation process will be audited randomly throughout the year by the Controller's Office.

For departments needing periodic replenishment of petty cash such as Emerson Stage, a Petty Cash Replenishment Form should be completed (See "Replenishment" tab in the Petty Cash Forms). This form should be submitted to accounting@emerson.edu or Zendesk along with receipts. Please coordinate with the Controller's Office regarding picking up replenishment funds at 20 Park Plaza.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at accounting@emerson.edu or submit a ticket to the Controller's Office via Zendesk.
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