Budget and Planning FAQ

What is the difference between a reClass and a budget transfer?

A Reclass is the moving of funds between accounts where the expense/revenue had already occurred. A Budget Transfer is moving budgeted amounts and those amounts do not change.

Why am I unable to view a particular Org when I run a report in SSB/Finance?

It could be that you don't have access to the particular Org or you are using the incorrect COA field (COA for FY14 use "E" for FY15 use "1")

What is the difference between a temporary budget transfer and a permanent one?

With Temporary Budget Transfers, the funds are moved but at the end of the year the funds go back to the original Budgeted Balance from the beginning of the year. For Permanent Budget Transfers the changes locked in and do not change back at the end of the year.

What is the Budget and Planning department network drive string on the server?

http/cabinet/cross department/busyfin/budget and planning

What is the FOAPAL, what does it stand for and why is it used?

Fund/Organization/Account/Program/Activity Code/Location

Fund - Identifies the funding source or WHY money is being spent or received: Operating, Restricted Gift, Endowment, Plant, etc.

Organization - WHO is processing the transaction: College Department or Budgetary Unit.

Account - WHAT type of transactions are being incurred: Assets, Liabilities, Fund Balances, Revenues, Expenses or Transfers.

Program - Defines HOW money is spent: Instruction, academic programs, student services, research, etc...

Activity Code - Optional field and used at the discretion of the department.

Location - Identifies WHERE the transaction is being processed or the location of the equipment or asset.

Can I request a budget transfer between Payroll expense cost savings and Operational (Direct) expenses within the same Org?

Transfers can not be made between Payroll and Operating Expenses. There are some rare cases where the Budget Director may make an exception.

Can I make Budget transfers between different Org’s within the same VP area?

Yes. However, you need the VP of that area to approve.

Can I make Budget transfers between different VP areas?

Yes. The VP's of both areas must approve.

Can you grant me or my staff Banner & SSB Finance access for a particular fund or Org?

Yes. The VP of that area must approve. We will get it set up along with IT. It is helpful if you provide your Employee # and Supervisor Name.

I’m looking at my "YTD actual" expenses. Can you give me some detail as to what is driving a particular account balance?

We can analyze what is in a particular account balance for you. Just provide the FOAPAL. If you have SSB Finance access in ECommon, you can run queries on your own. If you have additional questions after running your query, we can always assist you.
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