Procurement & Payment Methods





Procurement and Payment Methods 

Goods or Service Category 


PCard  Invoice Request  Expense Reimbursement 
Advertisements (Electronic) Yes  Yes     
Advertising Services
(Graphic Design, Printing, Layout, Etc.)
Yes  Under $500    
Airfare*   Yes    After Travel Only 
Attorney / Legal Fees Yes       
Auto Rental* Yes (Enterprise Only) Yes    After Travel Only 
AV Equipment (Purchase) Required       
AV Equipment (Rental) Yes  Yes     
Bus Charter Service Required       
Cash Advance*       Yes
Catering Or Social Events Yes  Yes     
College-Authorized Cell Phone/Data Plans (No Hardware)   Yes  Yes   
Computer Hardware (Maintenance, Repair) Yes  Yes     
Computer Hardware (Purchase) Required       
Computer Software (Media, Licenses, Support, Agreements) Required       
Conference Registration*   Preferred Yes  After Travel Only 
Construction Required       
Consultants/Independent Contractors (Taxable) Required       
(Speakers, Musicians, Performers) (Taxable) - (One Time Event)
$600 Or More   Under $600    
Floral Arrangements Yes  Preferred     
Food & Meals    Preferred    After Travel Only 
Furniture (Incl. Carpets, Chairs, Desks) Required       
Gift Cards / Certificates* (Taxable) Max $25   Yes     
Graphic Art & Design Services (See Advertising Services)        
Guest Lecturers (Taxable) $600 Or More   Under $600  
Honoraria (College Employees Ineligible) (Taxable) $600 Or More   Under $600  
Hotels / Lodging   Preferred    After Travel Only 
Human Subject Payments (E.G. Gift Cards) (Taxable)   Research Related Only    Research Related Only 
Limousine, Taxi, Uber Or Other Rideshare Yes  Preferred    After Travel Only 
Magazines, Subscriptions, Publications $1000 or more  Under $1000    
Mail Costs Yes  Yes Yes   
Meals (Business / Travel)*   Preferred    After Travel Only 
Memberships / Dues Yes  Preferred    Yes 
Mileage* (For Travel Only)       After Travel Only 
Moving & Relocation (Employee) - Contact HR        
Other (Contact Procurement or AP for Guidance)        
Parking & Tolls       After Travel Only 
Student Prizes & Awards (Taxable)     Yes   
Supplies** Yes  Yes     
University / Foundation Payments Yes    Yes   
Visa Fees   Yes    Yes 
* Travel Expenses - See Travel and Business Expense Policy (For Cash Advances, a Spend Authorization must be created in Workday)
** W.B. Mason is the preferred source for Office Supplies                                                                         updated: 8/6/2019
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