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About the Travel Program

We have partnered with the Boston Consortium and the Travel Collaborative, a TZELL Travel company, to leverage volume discounts and offer our travelers an online/mobile self-booking solution to book travel. The program also offers full-service agents to assist on group travel and complex itineraries.

Travelers will have access to:

  • Airline Programs and/or Discounts with
    • Delta, JetBlue, American, United, Southwest, Lufthansa, British Airways, and Virgin, etc.
    • Amtrak, Passenger Railway
    • Hotels (Boston and Los Angeles and special TTC/TZELL rates internationally)
    • Enterprise/National Car Rental
  • Online Booking via SAP Concur and supported by TTC:
    • Emerson’s Concur site: concursolutions.com
    • Mobile app for easy trip management on the go https://www.concur.com/en-us/mobile
    • Online Concur Transaction Fees:
      • $9.00 per air Concur transaction
      • $6.00 per car/hotel-only Concur transaction
      • $15.00 per Southwest Concur transaction
    • Full-Service Agents dedicated to Emerson College
      • Recommended for multi-destination domestic travel or international, Federal Grant or group travel
      • Full-Service Agent Transaction Fees:
        • $34.00 per full-service domestic/international air transaction
        • $27.00 per full-service rail transaction
      • TTC Contact information for assistance with both on-line Concur or Full-Service bookings:
      • Afterhours & weekend agent support
        • Additional fees apply
      • Integration with
        • TripCase – an easy way to receive notifications of flight schedule changes, delays/cancellations, weather alerts and other helpful traveler information
        • United Educators (duty of care provider) – an insurance program to ensure the safety of our travelers in the event of medical, political or natural disasters globally (coming soon)




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