Procurement FAQ

Question:  How do I create a requisition?
Answer:    The "Create Requisitions" job aid is designed to assist end users with this task.

Question:  What is the difference between a requisition and a purchase order?
Answer:     A requisition is the internal document whereas the PO is what is sent to the supplier once internal approvals have been given. Material Orders should be used whenever the unit, price and quantity are known at the time of order.

Question:  What is a standing purchase order?
Answer:    Blanket or Open POs may be used (1) for services when a dual signed contract exists between the parties and the work to be performed does not follow an easily definable schedule and (2) for goods when a dual signed contract exists between the parties covers everything except quantity of units to be ordered.  Orders will be placed as needed throughout the contract term.

Question: How do I obtain access to the Procurement functions in workday?
Answer:   Please send an email to requesting access and copy your cost center approver.

Question:  What special benefits do Workday Marketplace vendors offer Emerson College?
Answer:    End users can obtain goods at contracted pricing without going through the quote process and electronic invoicing.

Question: How can I register for PCard training?
Answer:   Please send email to and we will follow up with you within 48 hours.

Question: Why does my PCard get declined?
Answer:   This document shows acceptable purchases for PCards. Anything outside of these items will be declined.

Question:  Why can’t I do everything on a PCard?
Answer:    PCard spend is not budget checked. PCard is best utilized for low dollar one time purchases.

Question:  How do I order business cards?
Answer:    End users can order business cards from the Print/Copy Center at Emerson College.

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