Workday Expenses Hub

Workday is delivering a new Expenses Hub that centralizes expense tasks and reports for an improved user experience. The new hub provides self-service users with visibility over their expenses and enables them to address pending actions quickly and easily.

On September 9, 2023 the Expenses Hub will replace what is today the Expenses worklet


Current State - "Expenses" worklet


Future State as of September 9, 2023 - "Expenses Hub"


The Expenses Hub is broken up into 3 sections:

  1. Reports and Suggested Links - This is a list of reports and helpful links
  2. Tasks - Ability to create Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations
  3. Needs Attention - These are dynamic cards that will appear based on your activity
    • Expense Balance Owed - Personal charges that you incurred on your corporate card and need to repay
    • Cash Advance Balance Owed -The cash advance balance that you haven't yet expensed or repaid
    • Spend Authorizations to Submit - Edit or view spend authorizations that require action
    • Expense Reports To Submit - Edit or view expense reports that require action
    • Expenses - You're All Caught Up! - If you have no activity or items that require actions


Tips and Notes:

Additional Information on Cards





If you have any questions or concerns please refer to the following



Questions about your Pcard or Pcard Transactions

Help or questions regarding a Spend Authorization

Help or questions regarding a Expense Report
Help or questions regarding Cash Advances
Reimbursing Emerson College for Accidental/Personal Charges on the PCard Visit this page for more information







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